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DNAmix 2021 is a large-scale independent study being conducted to evaluate the extent of consistency and variation among forensic laboratories in interpretations and statistical analyses of DNA mixtures, and to assess the effects of various potential sources of variability. The study will be comprised of four phases. Laboratories are encouraged to participate in the early phases even if they cannot commit to the later phases. The phases will be conducted throughout 2021.

Participation is open to all forensic laboratories that conduct DNA mixture interpretation as part of their SOPs; non-U.S. laboratories are welcome to participate if they report interpretations in English.

Participation in this study requires the participants to agree to use the same diligence in performing these analyses as used in operational casework, and to use their laboratory’s SOPs in performing these analyses.

The study is being conducted by Noblis and Bode Technology, under NIJ grant # 2020-R2-CX-0049.

Registration for DNAmix 2021 closed on 7 March 2022. Thank you for your interest in participating in this study.
If you wish to be contacted about any future publications or presentations, please email DNAMix@noblis.org.
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